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Help spread the word, win a free copy of Waviary!

Here's the deal. Promoting an app is like holding up a candle in hell and hoping people notice. 
Alright, that's an exaggeration, but the point is it I'm just honestly not very good at marketing. 
So would you like to help? You would? Great. 

It'll take you about 1-2 minutes, and you will get a free copy of Waviary ($0.99). It's gonna be that EZ. 
That works out to be about $0.50 to $1.00 per minute, or somewhere between $30 to $60 an hour! 
Except you're not really working, and it's not for an hour, just a minute or two. So don't quit your job or book a vacation to Iceland or anything. (Unless you want to take me with you to Iceland, then by all means do it!)

Here are the draconian requirements for this absurd contest:

1. Follow @HoldernessMedia  and/or like the Holderness Media facebook page.

2. Tweet a link to Waviary on the Appstore or post a link to Waviary on Facebook.

3. Verify steps 1&2 by entering your email or Twitter name below so I can send you the promo code.

The first 25 people to successfully complete steps 1 through 3 
will receive their promo code.

BONUS!!! - One random winner will be selected for a dinner date* with Spamela Hamderson!

*Dinner date with Spamela Hamderson is subject to change. Winner may receive a complimentary napkin as alternative prize.

"I love apps that look good and sound good. 
This is one of them! - JR"
Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment)

"You have a nice sensation when you use Waviary… 
I don’t really know why… but it’s cool!"

Waviary is a new, interactive musical artwork that is part instrument, part generative ambient music machine, and part virtual wind chimes.