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"I love apps that look good and sound good. 
This is one of them! - JR"
Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment)

"You have a nice sensation when you use Waviary… 
I don’t really know why… but it’s cool!"

Waviary is a new, interactive musical artwork that is part instrument, part generative ambient music machine, and part virtual wind chimes. 

Simple multi-touch control allows anyone to effortlessly create lush ambient soundscapes and environments, or simply listen as Waviary generates it's own "forest-like" sonic environments. 
The generative player can run while you play as well, allowing for a randomized ambient jam session. 

A sleep timer is included...put on headphones and let Waviary's weird, wonderful sounds lull you to sleep. 


- Rich ambient tones and textures 
- Multi-touch controls allow expressive creation of rich ambient soundscapes 
- Generative mode creates endlessly evolving sonic environments 
- Varied Tone sets (more tonesets added FREE with updates) 
- pitch slider 
- pitch ramp up/down buttons (new!) 
- octave up/down buttons 
- wow and flutter effect (new!) 
- choppy/tremolo effect (new!) 
- save settings as user snapshots 
- lock button to lock orbs in place, or unlock to move freely 
- Sleep Timer

Available Now!

for iPad
for iPhone/iPod Touch

***Waviary users experience crashing on First Generation iPads look here!!!***

The first generation iPads have significantly less RAM then iPad 2 and 3, and can sometimes crash on start. If you experience this crash, the steps below will fix it.

1.) Completely close ALL other apps you have running on the iPad. You need to close them by removing them from the multi-task bar.
If you are unsure how to do this, please follow these steps.

- Tap the home button twice to pull up the multi-tasking bar.
- Touch and hold an app icon until the icons begin to shake and an "X" appears in their upper left corner.
- Touch the "X" to close out an app.

Again, close out ALL apps currently running, including Waviary.

2.) Wait a few seconds, then re-launch Waviary. 

***If the app still crashes, please try Step 3.

3.) Re-boot the iPad to clear ram completely. 

- Power down your iPad by holding down the power button for a few seconds until the "Slide to power off" slider appears.
- Slide to power off your iPad.
- Power the iPad back on.
- Once it is powered back on, try launching Waviary.