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**Waviary is no longer available for sale!

"I love apps that look good and sound good. 
This is one of them! - JR"
Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment)

"You have a nice sensation when you use Waviary… 
I don’t really know why… but it’s cool!"

Waviary is a new, interactive musical artwork that is part instrument, part generative ambient music machine, and part virtual wind chimes. 

Simple multi-touch control allows anyone to effortlessly create lush ambient soundscapes and environments, or simply listen as Waviary generates it's own "forest-like" sonic environments. 
The generative player can run while you play as well, allowing for a randomized ambient jam session. 

A sleep timer is included...put on headphones and let Waviary's weird, wonderful sounds lull you to sleep. 


- Rich ambient tones and textures 
- Multi-touch controls allow expressive creation of rich ambient soundscapes 
- Generative mode creates endlessly evolving sonic environments 
- Varied Tone sets (more tonesets added FREE with updates) 
- pitch slider 
- pitch ramp up/down buttons (new!) 
- octave up/down buttons 
- wow and flutter effect (new!) 
- choppy/tremolo effect (new!) 
- save settings as user snapshots 
- lock button to lock orbs in place, or unlock to move freely 
- Sleep Timer