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CONTACT for booking/inquiries

Recording/Mixing Services

Studio Rates: 


- $20 per hour (2 hour minimum requirement)

- $120 day rate special (8 hours)

- Basic Song Mastering $15 per song

- Mobile recording available, CONTACT for pricing

Studio Gear:


Vocal Mic: Modified Oktava MK-319 by Michael Joly of OktavaMod 
(this mic is right on par with Neumann, visit for more info)

Audio interfaces: Apogee 

Monitors: Blue Sky

Software: Logic Pro 9, Ableton Live 8, Addictive  Drums, 
Guitar Rig, Garritan, and more plus iOS softsynths including Moog, Sunrizer, etc.

Instruments: Various guitars and bass,  V drums, 
toy piano, Nigerian udu drum, more


*Contact the studio*

Featured work:

Flythere from Adenauerfilm on Vimeo.

Waviary for iPad

SFX001: Indie Production Pack preview