Johnny is a highly flexible Multiwave Tremolo effects processor for Audiobus and Inter-app Audio. 

Process synths, drum machines and hundreds of other apps by connecting through Audiobus. Use Johnny as an effect inside Garageband, Auria, Cubasis, and AudioShare using Audiobus or Inter-app audio. 

In addition to Audiobus and Inter-app Audio support, Johnny can also process external instruments such as guitar, voice and synths by connecting a microphone or professional audio interface such as the Apogee Jam, ONE, or any iOS compatible USB audio interface. 

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● requires iOS 12.4 or later 

● iPad Mini/iPad 2 or newer 

● Audiobus 3 compatible (Effect,Input, State Saving) 

● Inter-App audio compatible (effect node) 

● compatible with USB audio interfaces 


● Control Left and Right channel Tremolo Rate, Depth, Shape, and Multiwave parameters to produce      everything form subtle tremolo to wildly modulated stereo tremolo effects.

● BPM synced tremolo including MIDI clock sync, independent per channel or linked.

● Multiple modes including Classic Tremolo and Harmonic Tremolo.

Johnny works with just about any professional iOS compatible USB audio interfaces. Here is a list of interfaces that have been tested and verified to be compatible: 

● Apogee Jam, Jam96k 

● Apogee Mic, Mic96k 

● Apogee ONE for iPad/Mac 

● Apogee DUET for iPad/Mac 

● Apogee QUARTET for iPad/Mac 

● iConnectMIDI2+

● iConnectMIDI4+

● iRig 

● iRig HD 

● iRig iMic 

● Focusrite Scarlett series (*requires USB hub) 

● Alesis io2 

● Alesis IO Dock 

● Behringer UCA202 

● many more 

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