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"I like Echo Pad a LOT - it reminds me of Expert Sleeper's Augustus Loop." - Vernon Reid, Living Colour

"This is a super fantastic - extremely trippy effects app, which harnesses the power of an iOS device to offer you control that is only possible on a multitouch device. Put aside some extra time, because you will want it when you start to play with this. This is really REALLY fun and it also works with AudioBus! You and I are from the same planet!" - Jordan Rudess, Dream Theatre

"Echo Pad is so innovative all around. I never knew just how much I needed this until I had it in my hands. I recommend giving it a try." - SmiteMatter Music,

AppStore reviews:

Superb ★★★★★

by Cshriner - Version 1.8 - Mar 27, 2014

My "go-to" for delay and echo on an iPad.

Super Tool ★★★★★

There is no app that gets as many feature packed updates as Echo Pad. this one is worth way more than the asking price.Regular updates with new features, effects, and improvements are the hallmark of this app. If you create or play music of any kind, develop or utilize sound effects, or just like to experiment with sound, you should have Echo Pad in your tool set. Versatility, stability, and high quality make it a must have. As a bonus, few developers are more tuned-in to the needs and desires of their customers — very refreshing.

My Go-to for Audiobus FX slot ★★★★★

"I have 14 apps that can fit into the Audiobus FX slot. This is the one I use most. Great combinations of delays, controlsand effects for delays, great looping abilities, including the ability to loop/record the actual control sequence that you did so that you can use it for different sounds coming in, ie as an Automator. Very intuitive, user-friendly and fun UI. I also sometimes use it in the input and output slots. Of the approximately 100 apps that I have that are Audiobus friendly, this is one of the handful that I use most, one of my top three. I use it for live performance, for recording and composing, and for just having fun! One of my favorite apps on my over 1000 apps that I have on my iPad."

Nice! ★★★★★

"Audiobus is the ground, and, apps like Echo Pad is the juicy fruits whose came out of the ground... If you really like to make music on iPad, buy Audiobus and apps like Echo Pad!"



Echo Pad Online Manual

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